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Find the right life science job for you in Belgium, Luxembourg or The Netherlands.

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Your perfect fit, as a candidate, is a role and company where you can apply your personal and professional skills, grow your career and develop as an individual.

You’ll find all our current career opportunities listed in the life science job section below and on our LinkedIn company page. Please have a good browse and send us your CV if a vacancy in life science interests you.

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Market Access Lead

This is a unique role in a consulting firm with an extremely good reputation. You will report to the managing partners of the company?

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You are the perfect fit, but not for the life science jobs above?

Nuwhï is always looking for strong candidates, with relevant experience in life science, who are searching for their perfect fit. When you send us your resume, we will contact you to let you know you have been added to our database. If we want to see you face-to-face, we will invite you in for a meeting.