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Today, as a strong and fun duo life science recruiters, we are very proud to help you with our innovative life science recruitment company Nuwhï.

We are Life Science Recruitment Experts

We are excited to offer to you the science of the perfect fit.

Nuwhï is a market-leading recruitment agency for the life science sector. At Nuwhï Liske and Roxane offer a professional, yet personalized service in recruitment, search & selection.

Obviously finding the perfect fit for both candidates and clients is our main goal, yet Nuwhï is about much more than that. We believe that, as a recruitment company, we need to evolve and integrate innovative and digital tools in our processes.

It’s all about giving the best experience to everyone.

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We Help You to get the right candidate for Your life science job

The Life Science Recruiters

Meet the managing partners and core life science recruiters of Nuwhï.

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What truly matters in life is people. Friends, family, professional network… They all have something to say and experiences to share. They are what makes life richer. Science on the other hand is what moves us forward and makes us better and more sophisticated. Science is more than just my academic background, it is in my DNA and life sciences are my environment. Recruitment is my passion. It is where science and people come together and allow me to deliver win-win outcomes.

I love the triangle relationship between customer, candidate and recruiter where I can match my client’s business needs to a candidate’s skills whilst providing growth opportunities for both. This is what truly makes me tick.

In 2011 I met Liske. We both considered ourselves seasoned professionals then, but looking back I realize how much more we have learnt from each other. Both of us have developed our competences in recruitment, our commercial awareness, our knowledge and understanding of the life sciences industry. We’ve sharpened our skills, worked on our weaknesses, understood our differences and developed our complementarity.

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I left high school with a major in mathematics and chose a totally different path ending up with a master’s in communication sciences. I started my professional journey in the recruitment sector in 2003. The combination of learning from candidates and companies and giving them advice really appealed to me.

In 2010 my passion for people and recruitment and my enormous curiosity and fascination for life sciences came together. I began to learn everything there is to know about this innovative sector. After all those years I am still learning and that is one of the reasons why I love my job.

Soon after I first met Roxane and started to work with her as a colleague, we formed a strong bond. We understand each other even when we disagree. And more important: we always manage to deliver workable solutions and positive outcomes. I am proud, happy and thankful that after all these years we can tell our own story with Nuwhï.

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Happy Clients and Candidates

We’re here to help you.
Thanks to Nuwhï I was able to find a job completely adapted to my skills, my experience and my desires even though the Covid crisis was going on. Nuwhï is different from other recruiters, because they don’t let you down and they are 100% honest with you.
Account Manager in Medical Devices