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Nuwhï is a market-leading recruitment agency for the life science sector.

Our Mission

Nuwhï supports life sciences companies, aiming to hire ‘best in class’ professionals, by providing access to a wide network of talented candidates.

Nuwhï offers a professional and personalized service in recruitment, search & selection for life science companies. Finding the perfect fit for your company is our main goal.

Through a personal consulting approach, we advise hiring managers on the soft and technical skills of the role. We assess candidates’ strengths and weaknesses against an agreed framework. 

We ensure a natural fit of the candidate with the organizational culture, the team’s dynamic and the technical aspects of the role.

Our goal is to uncover strong talent and fascinating opportunities and to provide development opportunities for the candidate.

We Help You to get the right candidate for YOur Company

Our services

Our extensive, hands-on industry experience gives us the ability to quickly gain a true understanding of your needs and match those to the right candidates. Nuwhï provides a personal, professional and effective recruitment service to the life sciences industry.
Sourcing, interviewing, assessing and selecting the candidate who is the perfect fit can be a time-consuming process. Our aim is to streamline this process for you and only introduce candidates we have personally met, screened and selected for your specific role.
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Life Science Recruitment

Hiring a permanent team member is a big decision for most organizations. It can seem a daunting task just to find the right candidate to complement your business and team while ensuring a natural fit in your organization culture. And that is before even considering the time it will take to advertise, receive applications, sift through candidates, arrange interviews and eventually draft the contract.

Nuwhï understands your organization and offers a structured approach to find the right candidate.

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We find the right candidate

Nuwhï’s key strength lies in finding the right candidate for your life science vacancy.

We pride ourselves on our ability to find that match, the right blend of technical and interpersonal skills that will support your organization and help it grow. Individually we have a proven track record of successfully placing candidates in roles at all levels within the life sciences industry.

We recently started working with Nuwhï and are delighted with their professional and result-oriented approach. The contact with Liske and Roxane is warm and personal, which makes the cooperation all the more pleasant.
Ann Adriaensen, Secretary General -

We understand your organization​

Our mission is to find the perfect fit. We take the time to really get to know our clients and understand their culture and frame their requirements.
We will develop an understanding of your organization, of the team that is recruiting and of the technical aspects of the role, culminating in a detailed job description. We will take our time to discuss and advise on the required skills of the role. These skills will be evaluated during an in-depth competency-based interview with longlisted candidates.

We offer a structured approach​

We use multiple channels to source the best talents in the life science industry and rely on our internal database.
Our network is based on years of work in the life science industry and constantly updated with new professionals we meet daily. We build up our database with the most skilled individuals in the life sciences market.
We take a very structured approach. Starting with an initial briefing where we will meet with the hiring manager to outline the search requirements, timelines, future organizational strategy and mission. Then we move to market analysis, candidate profiling, talent mapping and selection of potential candidates. Those are reviewed with you to refine the search leading to interviews and actual selection. We can also take up references and can assist in the mediation of job offers and negotiations, reaching a positive outcome for all parties.
The recruitment process has a specific flow and we will inform you on a weekly basis about the progress and results.
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Why work with us?

Nuwhï’s business comes from customer recommendations. Besides our recruitment expertise in their field, clients select Nuwhï because we make it a priority to know and understand them and their organization.
Our scientific backgrounds allow us to understand the role that needs filling. Our interpersonal skills recognize the culture, size and quirks of each individual business. We have worked with many of the life sciences market’s leading players and enjoy excellent relationships with a breadth of clients from large international businesses to mid-sized companies and startups.
Ultimately, we believe in being open and transparent. It is our policy to be upfront with our fee structure and we will always agree this with you in advance of a search.
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Nuwhï really goes for the perfect match between the candidate and the company. Thanks to Nuwhï I found a job in an industry I’ve always been interested in, but for which I missed relevant experience. With Nuwhï’s advice and help I got invited for a first meeting. If I had just sent in my resumé, that would never have happened.”
Medical Science Liaison in the Pharmaceutical Industry