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Market Access Strategy Manager

Our client is an innovation-driven, patient-focused specialty biopharmaceutical company, active in 70+ countries with a team of 47K employees on a global level. The company received more than 40 Top Employer Great Places to Work rankings globally.
They aim to develop innovative therapies for health conditions where there is significant need, 72% of medicines in the company’s pipeline are considered first-in-kind. The company is active in several therapeutic area: immunology, oncology, neuroscience, eye care and virology.

What is your job?

Be the leader of the Integrated Access Strategies of your brands.

Strategically plan and execute P&R activities with regards to new reimbursement dossiers, revisions and support the 1-7-5 Brand Plan.
Supervise the development, the submission, and the negotiation of product dossiers to allow optimal price and reimbursement negotiations.
Take the lead of the strategic development and implementation of value propositions to ensure optimal market-access within the therapeutic domains.

Key Stakeholders:

External: National and Local Pricing and Reimbursement Bodies (including the working group of the NIHDI), Industry Associations, Academic Associations
Internal: Affiliate Directors and Management Team, Brand Teams, Area Market Access and Commercial Directors, Global Market Access & Pricing Team.

What is your job?

  • To develop and execute Integrated Access Strategies to meet optimal price and reimbursement conditions.

  • Support your Access Community to optimize other affiliates (upon needed).

  • To lead and execute the preparation and submission of pricing and reimbursement file with external support if needed, evaluation file and revision file, and, to follow-up such submissions in Belgium and Luxembourg.

  • Ensure adequate internal communication.

  • To analyze and proactively make recommendations on the legislation changes and developments in current practices in terms of BEL/LUX pricing & reimbursement / HEOR via appropriate sources (Pharmaceutical industry association, media, opinion leaders, publications, …)

  •  To coordinate and work cross-functionally with global and local medical, commercial, and governmental functions to develop value propositions tailored to multiple stakeholders (payers, external experts, policy makers).

  • To Ensure close collaboration with your Access Community, Area and Global colleagues and maintain awareness and understanding of the impact of local affiliate decisions on the company’s global business. Ensure full alignment with Area and Global on Integrated Access Strategies.

  • To attend relevant internal and external scientific, medical and health policy-related meetings

  • To maintain strong compliance with all relevant internal policies and legal requirements

Required skills and competencies?

Core competencies:

  • Leadership: be the conductor of an orchestra.

  • Financial Acumen: be the strategic person, genuinely developing the IAM fully in line with financial results.

  • Adaptability: responds easily to different stakeholders’ characters and environment; is an excellent relationship builder; switches quickly from one task to another without losing efficiency. Be able to easily adapt to another market.

  • Initiative: self-starter, actively seeks relevant information opportunities and converts them in concrete results.

  • Innovation: constantly explores alternative successful ways and tools. When communicating with the target groups and makes sure we stay ahead of competition.

  • Integrity: communicate values of integrity and trust and adhere strictly to policies and procedures.

  • Teamwork: offers to help colleagues achieve common goals within their respective affiliates.

Other skills

  • Understanding of the business needs of the healthcare marketplace/commercial objectives of the company
  • Understanding of the practical application of health economics and outcomes research to drug development and post-marketing phases
  • Experience in Market Access / Health Economics in pharmaceutical environment
  • FR – ENGL and good understanding of Dutch
  • PC –skills for Excell and most current applications
  • Excellent written (particularly technical writing) skills
  • Excellent oral communication skills and verbally tactful and persuasive
  • Excellent numeracy and statistical skills


  • Life science or scientific degree.

Extra assets

  • Relevant experience working within a payer and provider organizations.
  • Relevant international health care environment experience.
  • Relevant experience in HEOR

Want to take this challenge?

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